"Therapy improved my balance after I fell. My neck pain also improved, so I can sleep better."

-Dorothy S.

"My therapy was courteous, discrete, and the therapists were very attentive and kind. Both Amy and Brittany are interested in all that is going on with their patients."

-Cathy C.

"When I started my first visit, I was 7 months pregnant and in a lot of pain in my low back and pelvis. Physical therapy helped my pain so much! After several exercises and mobility procedures, I felt great. Thanks for getting me through this!"

-C. B.

"I am 80 years of age and broke my right hip. Many thanks to Amy and Brittany for helping to build up my strength and balance."

-Bud B.

"Therapy has helped my arm be mobile and free following my shoulder surgery."

-Russ P.

"Physical therapy saved me from having back surgery. I can now do all of my normal activities pain free, and I feel I can have control over my pain and symptoms if they ever return."

-Caren L.

"I am very pleased with my therapy. My exercises that I was taught helped decrease my pain majorly, so now I can go on with my activities for the most part pain-free!"

-Angela D.

"I was skeptical when it was first mentioned to me about physical therapy for my problem. I thought to myself 'Now what kind of exercise could they possibly have me do to control my going to the bathroom so often?' I found out; the exercises really, really worked. Amy made me feel very comfortable and explained everything we were doing. I feel 99.5% better than when I started therapy. I can't thank you enough."


"Specialized Therapy Services is GREAT! My only regret is not coming to you in the beginning. The one-on-one therapy was just what I needed. Exercise is my passion, and I am enjoying it again without hurting."

-Pat W.